Tall & Skinny Shimmy | April 2020 Soap Challenge Club

Tall & Skinny Shimmy | April 2020 Soap Challenge Club

In our April Soap Challenge Club, we learned a tall & skinny shimmy technique from a fantastic tutorial by our guest instructor Tatiana Serko of Creative Soaps by Steso. The video is of my second attempt. Read more about the rest of the process below.

I made two mini molds out of foam board and then took three half-decent stabs at it. I sure learned a lot about hand-stirring vs. using a stick blender too.

Here's my first attempt, colored with activated charcoal and indigo. I thought I poured too early and imagined the whole thing separated.

Especially after I saw the top had a ton of soda ash and a nasty crack, I was sure this batch was going to end up in the crockpot. I was so surprised to cut into this!

I think my second attempt was the best, but I lost count and ended up making only six pours instead of the required seven. And at the time, I thought I had accidentally made eight. Whoops!

My entry soap, and third attempt, was colored with indigo root, pink Brazilian clay, and white kaolin clay, and scented with an essential oil blend of rosemary, cedarwood, and patchouli. The shape of the bars turned out a bit wonky because I decided to re-use the foam board mold from my first try, which turned out to be a bad idea, and some soap leaked out. In the end, though, I think these all these little soaps all turned out pretty cute!

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