About Us

Delta Tule is a woman-owned company (with a lot of family support) in sunny California next to the San Joaquin River. All soap & body care products are carefully handmade by me (Leah) in small batches. I am also a mom and a graphic artist. I spent most of the summers of my childhood boating and camping at the California Delta. It is one of my favorite places to be and is an inspiration for this brand.

I make soap using the cold-process method, where I have control of all the ingredients. Some of my favorites ingredients are essential oils and natural colorants such as cosmetic grade clays, activated charcoal, and herbal infusions. I never use the bad stuff like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, or phthalates, and only test products on willing humans, never animals!

I started making soap as a hobby, with the possibility of starting a business while I was unemployed from my graphic design work for a few months. After tons of research, I finally made my first batch and was immediately hooked. Soon I was making so much soap trying different formulas and techniques that I knew I'd have to start selling it to avoid burying myself under a mountain of soap bars. Also, I became passionate about the benefits of handmade over commercial products.

My plan for this business is to create excellent products for both humans and the earth. Using handmade soap has helped my skin in so many ways, and I enjoy reducing single-use plastics in our lives. I find the balance between science and art mesmerizing in the soap-making process. Today I balance my soap inventory with customer favorites and wholesale-able formulas while still making tiny batches of hobbyist soaps laden with time-consuming creative techniques.

Why should you choose handmade soap? Because it's outstanding! But here's why it's so much better for your skin:

A true soap retains the natural glycerin produced during saponification or the process of turning oils into soap. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer and cleanser that increases lather and creates a milder soap. Saponification occurs by mixing fats (natural oils) and sodium hydroxide (lye) at precise ratios and temperatures. In many commercial soaps, the valuable glycerin is extracted, sold, and replaced with cheaper synthetic alternatives. These may be harsher and irritating to some skin types.

So many reasons for me to love everything about soap and "momtreprenuership." Thank you for supporting me (and my family) in our small business adventure. We hope you love our soap as much as we do!