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Why choose handmade soap?

Say goodbye to detergents and treat your skin to a little luxury everyday!  

Did you know many soaps sold today are not true soap? Many commercial soaps are actually bars of detergent. A true soap retains the natural glycerin that is produced when fats (natural oils) and an alkali (sodium hydroxide) are mixed together in precise ratios and at specific temperatures. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of soap making that helps produce a milder soap. Commercial soap-making processes remove the valuable glycerin to be sold and replace it with cheaper synthetic alternatives.    

All soap is handmade by me (Leah) in small batches using the cold-process method, where I have full control of all the ingredients. I started making soap for a variety of reasons. I was (and still am) mesmerized by the balance between science and art in the soap making process. After months of research, I finally made my first batch and was immediately hooked. I also suffer from a range of seasonal allergies and skin sensitivities. The fragrances and ingredients in many store-bought products are always risk for an attack of itchy and irritated skin. Using handmade soap has helped my skin in so many ways, I love being able to share the benefits with others. The fact that its a practical product that also helps reduce single-use plastics is also a win! Finally, I've enjoyed working for myself as a graphic designer and was looking for another business venture to boost my self-employment goals. So many reasons for me to love everything about soap and "momtreprenuership."

Thank you for supporting me and my family in our small business adventure. We hope you love our soap as much as we do!