A Sister Story: Two Tales are Better than One

Delta Tule & Kailani's Creations (More mermaid swag coming soon!)

We hope our creations bring you the same happiness and joy we get from making something especially for you. Keep reading to learn more about a crafty gift shop dream for two sisters with soap and mermaids. 

First, let’s “talk story.”

From our Hawaiian heritage, I've found that sharing stories around the family kitchen table is just about the best way to learn the history of anything and everything in the family. So imagine you’re in your best friend’s kitchen for a second, enjoying some great snacks and maybe a nice adult beverage, and I’ll tell you how this shop came to be. 

One day I literally woke up and texted my sister: let’s start an Etsy shop. You love mermaids, I’ll make soap, it’ll be awesome. Those two things totally go together, right? So we have bubbles in common? We were off to a great start.

I started making soap for a variety of reasons. My professional life as a graphic designer left something to be desired, despite my love of art and design. After months of research and investing in equipment, I finally made my first batch of soap and was hooked immediately. I was (and still am) mesmerized by the balance of science and art in the soap-making process. Additionally, I suffer from a range of seasonal allergies and skin sensitivities and the fragrances and ingredients in many store-bought products are always risk for an attack of itchy, irritated skin. Natural soap to the rescue! Using my own soap has helped my skin in so many ways, and now I love being able to share the benefits with others. The fact its a practical product that also helps reduce single-use plastic is also an environment win! Finally, I enjoyed working for myself in the graphic design biz and was looking for another venture to boost my self-employment goals without being glued to my computer 24/7. So many reasons for me to love everything about soap and "momtreprenuership."

Queue the mermaids! Why? Because we love doing things together! You know, Ohana, and all that family stuff. And our products have bubbles in common, so there!

My sister is a professional mermaid who also punches an office clock whilst on land. We both grew up swimming and water skiing with a love of water, but she really LOVES water. We were both looking for a way to make our lives more fulfilling, and on this path we’ve found that creating quality products with meaning is our passion and joy. 

Mermaid Kailani started creating swimmable mermaid bra tops because she wanted something for herself that was unique, affordable and durable. As time went on, she perfected her craft. The support from the love of her life, and our family encouraged her to start selling her creations for everyone to enjoy. Because the community for a crafty professional mermaid is small and prices are high, she really strives to express her love of art and the craft in a way that is both affordable and fun!

We believe in an attitude of gratitude: Mahalo for visiting our shop!