Day 1: Brand Intro | March Meet The Maker 2021

Day 1: Brand Intro | March Meet The Maker 2021

Hello, March—and #MarchMeetTheMaker! Day 1: Brand introduction. Where to start? I'll show you my favorite soap! My Half Dome soap represents the tie between my love of soap and my favorite outdoor places in California. Delta Tule is my nature-inspired brand and label for cold process soap. Naming stuff is hard! So I picked something I love, the California Delta, where I spent all of my childhood summer vacations on the river and floating around in the tules—large patches of river reeds that line the levees and waterways. This name seemed like it worked to link me and my natural soap.

All my products are handmade in California in small batches. I make all soap using the traditional cold process method, no palm oil, and only plant-based ingredients. I use natural colorants like clays and botanicals, and scented soaps contain only pure essential oils. I'm slowly trying to branch out into a few other products like herbal-infused salves and whipped body butter and would love to formulate shampoo bars! That is also why I chose not to use the word soap in my brand name, this small biz has growth goals! But for now, the main show is soap.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading a bit more about me today! I will do my best to share something on all the meet-the-maker topics this month. Thank you, @joannehawker for starting this fun challenge to help makers share their stories!

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