Day 10: Authentic Space | March Meet The Maker

Day 10: Authentic Space | 

I have three spaces continuously full of soap mayhem, despite my efforts to keep my soap life from taking over our house. One is in our Harry Potter closet under the stairs, where my husband put up shelves as curing racks. This closet is also where I store supplies that need to stay cooler in the summer months.

Another is the "official" soap room upstairs, where the magic happens! Occasionally it doubles as a guest room and has its closet (of course) half-filled with soap supplies.

Outside this room is an open loft-ish area that is well-lit by a large window where I take most of my photos.

I guess if you count the kitchen, there are 4 of soap-mayhem spaces in all, but we're not trying to get the whole house involved here. 😉

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