Day 10: Small Detail | March Meet The Maker 2021

Here is the top of a new batch of Half Dome soap in the mold from yesterday. One of my favorite little soapy details is the fresh glossy look of a wet soap top. Once the soap sets, that look disappears, and sometimes the details become less noticeable once it's cut into bars. Many of my soap tops are low vs. textured, so I think you see the swirls best on top of the full loaf.
Everything about a handmade business revolves around small details. I try to pay attention to all of them, from making to shipping. I think the little touches help make the difference. I always include a little personalized note and samples in orders, and I try to wrap them up as neatly as possible.
I'm so excited about the fancy new postcards that I've started adding to share a little touch of branding and some soap-care tips! I want people to have that feeling of opening a gift when their order arrives. Last, I pack up orders with extra care because I never know what will happen in shipping. Nothing like having a box that arrives looking like it was drop-kicked across the country to make you sad! 

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