Day 11: Portrait | March Meet The Maker 2021

Hey there, it's me! (Leah) The face you'll hardly ever see as I hide behind the soap. Here I am with one of my biggest soap slabs and a couple of family photos. I'm a bit of a workaholic but, when I'm not working on soap or graphic design jobs, it's family time and going outdoors. I can't wait to hike Yosemite again this summer!

I don't take many photos of myself; I'm a bit of an anxious, overthinking introvert. I prefer to be behind the camera and generally dislike being at the center of attention—which becomes a challenge to sell soap in person. I can't wait until I can afford to hire a sales rep and an accountant, lol! I love talking but, it takes a lot of effort to speak up at first.

Here are a few random non-soapy facts about me:
I am originally from southern California and named after Star Wars.
I am {CDs & pagers in high school} years old. I think the current trend describing my age group is that (and I do) I wear skinny jeans, side-part my hair, and love this emoji 😂
I went to college! (yay!) Cal State Long Beach, where I learned how to fumble around learning about art and graphic design.
My husband and I met at a vegetarian cafe in Santa Ana called the Gypsy Den. We are neither vegetarians nor gypsies. We have one daughter, one labrador, and one rescued princess-diva cat. This summer, we'll be adding a new puppy to the bunch.
What else? Hmm. I love coffee, Cabernet, cooking, and sweatpants. I can stay home for long periods without noticing because there's always something to do! I can hang out in my sweats with a cup of tea and my furry animals and be happy as can be. (no reptiles, fish, or insects, thanks😂).
Whew, enough about me. I'd love to know something about you—please drop me a note below!

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