Day 14: Current Project | March Meet The Maker

Day 14: Current Project | March Meet The Maker

Day 14 | Current Project | 

Sea Salt & Kelp Spa Bars made with coconut water, coming soon! In two essential oil scents: lemongrass and a lavender-mint blend. Sea salt soap makes fewer big bubbles than other soaps, but the small-bubble lather is super creamy and luxurious! Perfect as a facial bar.

I'm thrilled I can use these on my finicky face! Other soap I've made from a high percentage of coconut oil is too drying for me, but these are just right. Finely ground sea salt adds gentle exfoliation, plus I used Shea butter & avocado oil to balance the cleansing power of coconut oil. Can't wait to try a batch with charcoal!

I've teamed up with my mer-mazing sister over @kailaniscreations to develop a few fin-tastic ocean-themed treats for this summer, so I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of what's in the works!


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