Day 15: Focus & Priorities | March Meet The Maker 2021

✨Focus & Priorities✨ Currently, I'm focused on fine-tuning the process for pouring my Half Dome soap in the 5lb mold. I thought I had this latest batch all worked out but still ran into some surprises! Photos of cuts are on the way!

A lot of my priorities are small things to improve my soap and business little by little. Each year my main goals are to streamline my product line and have the soap pay for itself. One day I hope the soap sales will pay me too, early retirement?
Half Dome soap was one of my most popular soaps last year, so I am focused on maintaining and hopefully expanding that trend. I try to focus on the soaps that you all like the most and only make larger batches of those to keep them in stock. It is hard for me to reduce the variety of soap I make because I want to make all the things!

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