Day 17: Proud Of | March Meet The Maker

Day 17: Proud Of | March Meet The Maker

Day 17 | Proud Of | 
Thanks to this prompt, I reflected on a lot of things I managed to accomplish in the last year. Launching a new website, scaling up production, private-label orders, adding new products, doing a few shows, successful half-bar gift boxes, and high holiday sales.

After thinking about the topic, I suspected I don't often don't stop to consider what I've done when I'm always looking ahead to what's next and thinking about what I could've done better.

But digging through photos and trying to dredge up content to share about me & my little biz, I found a few gems I'm now glad I was brave enough to push myself to do vs. finding a reason to wait.

I'm glad I took a moment to reflect on this, I hope this also reminds you that you are most likely accomplishing more than you think. Stop and give yourself credit once in a while!

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