Day 18: Color | March Meet The Maker 2021

Day 18: Color | March Meet The Maker 2021

✨Color 🎨⛰

Fresh Half Dome soap cuts with all kinds of natural colors! This bar includes a variety: kaolin, purple Brazilian, and blue Cambrian clays, plus spinach, charcoal, cocoa, and indigo powders. For my soap, I only use colorants like clays or plant powders that are not synthetic. Especially for this landscape soap, they add to the look of the scene. While there are plenty of beautiful skin-safe soap colors like micas, I like that colorants like clays do double work and add minerals, a nice slip, or gentle scrub to a soap.

One downside, especially with plant powders like spinach and indigo, is they tend to fade over time and with exposure to light. Sometimes I'll blend them with clay or charcoal to help the color "stick." The green here won't be as vibrant after a while, but I still like the muted tones. The palette may seem limited, but with creativity, there are all kinds of looks to create! 🧼💖

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