Day 19: Packaging | March Meet The Maker

Day 19: Packaging | March Meet The Maker

Day 19 | Packaging | 

All soap is labeled with a kraft paper band unless requested otherwise. For shipping, I wrap each bar individually in tissue paper to protect the soap and keep scents separated. I like stickers, but I am thinking of one day switching to a stamp and soapboxes. Or maybe I'll improve my origami/soap-wrapping skills. I do love how the paper band shows off the soap, though!

I try to be as eco-friendly as possible for whatever product I'm making. I avoid using plastic and instead use materials like paper, glass jars, and metal tins.

If you find plastic filler in your order, it's because I recycle those items like bubble wrap from things I order and reuse it for packing and shipping orders. Every little bit helps!

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