Day 19: Silver Linings | March Meet The Maker 2021



Silver Linings ⛅️ Behold! From May 2020—My daughter Eva’s soap-spokesperson debut. Reflecting on the past year, I think of all the extra time we spent together, juggling work and distance learning. She insisted I record her so she could see all the soap. And what we have here is the 100% unscripted perspective of my then 6-year-old. I couldn’t have written it this well if I tried. 😂

I made a slide show with last year’s soaps to save you from the shaky camera hand of a mom following a child around, plus I’m hesitant to share my baby and a messy house across the internet. 😂 I’m grateful for how enthusiastic and proud she is of her mom’s soap, though. And, I might have to hire her to voice over more videos! 🥰❤️

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