Day 25: How It's Made | March Meet The Maker

Day 25: How It's Made | March Meet The Maker

Day 25 | How It's Made |

Here's my first attempt at the clamshell technique for the March soap challenge club. Video helps me see what I'm doing right and where things go wrong! Also, watching the process sped up is fun.

This soap didn't thicken up on me too much, I mostly didn't pour the colors consistently, as I got to the end of the pour. And there isn't enough contrast between the green & white colors to see the design. It still created a neat effect, though!

I colored this soap with activated charcoal and French green clay with a little bit of spinach powder mixed in and scented it with a blend of eucalyptus, fir needle, and rosemary essential oils.

The charcoal made this design clearer the video than the lavender mint soap, even though that soap had a better clamshell design inside. Cuts photos are on the way!

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