Day 27: Future Goals | March Meet The Maker

Day 27: Future Goals | March Meet The Maker

Day 27 | Future Goals | 
It's all about the soap! Here are a couple of eucalyptus & rosemary bars from the clamshell soap pouring video the other day.

Since starting this adventure, my goal has been to get the soap to pay for itself so I could keep making more! 

While I'm still working on that, I set my goal a notch higher at the start of this year to hopefully reinvest into growth. (Partially b/c I want a large slab mold and need to justify having one!) 

While we have hit hard times and there are many uncertainties, I refuse to give up since, as we all know, so much can change so quickly!

One day, I'd like to have a studio to work in full-time. Maybe it will be a collaborative art space where we can move my husband's painting out of the garage and where my sister can craft too. Will it have a retail storefront? I don't know! I haven't thought of all those details yet, but it's fun to imagine the possibilities!

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