Day 3: Beliefs & Values | March Meet The Maker 2021

Day 3: Beliefs & Values | March Meet The Maker 2021

Day 3 | Beliefs & Values 🤔 I believe small things can make an impact. I've also been told not to sweat the small stuff. From these two thoughts, I've gathered there's a difference between being stressed out about every little thing and caring about details. I believe in focusing on small steps and doing what I can with what I have. Here are a few of my brand beliefs and values:

I will only put what I believe is my best product out there into the world. I won't sell anything that I wouldn't be happy to spend my hard-earned dollars on and use myself.

Customer experience—from placing an order to opening the package to tiny soap slivers, I think about how I want those experiences to be will be and how to improve them. I try to be as relatable as my introvert-self allows. I want my customers and followers to feel like they are talking to a friend and not a customer service bot from a corporation.

To be as eco-friendly as possible. That is a big one for me! I wanted to create a brand that would try to leave the earth better off than before I started. From not using palm oil to recycling materials, this is top-of-mind from formulation to shipping. I use organic ingredients when I can afford to. This year, I'm extra excited to have switched suppliers to include fair-trade Shea butter in my soap now, yay!

I'll reuse things like to-go chopsticks and plastic containers from yogurt, sour cream, or potato salad for soap making—after a good run through the dishwasher, of course! I also save buckets, packing filler, and bubble wrap from things I order and use those for packing and shipping orders. (I have my family collecting paper filler from their orders too!) If you get an order from me with bubble wrap inside, it probably came from an Amazon order, lol.

From paper soap labels, tins for salves, and glass for body butter, you won't find plastic in my packaging. One day I hope to afford to not rely on those pesky plastic USPS flat-rate bubble mailers. I'm always working on improving, one step at a time!

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