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Day 31: FAQs | March Meet The Maker

Day 31 | FAQs |
Last day of March Meet The Maker, what?! Here are some questions I am asked often, maybe you can relate or have a question of your own!

1) Do you actually make this?
I love this question. Yes! Admittedly, I used to feel self-conscious being excited about soap, so hearing any awe in this question felt validating. Now I'm more likely to answer enthusiastically. Yes, from start to finish, it's so much fun! (except dishes) The possibilities are endless! (as are the dishes, lol!)

2) What is sodium hydroxide?
I'm happy to explain about the necessary agent that converts oils into soap and is not present in finished bars once saponification is complete. Isn't science rad?

3) It is too pretty to use, can I use it as an air freshener?
Sure, but it's so much better as soap! Please do what makes you happy, but I'd love you to use it as soap! I have plenty more for you!

And just like that, it's the end of March! I'm super proud of myself for managing to post every day this month for the #marchmeetthemaker challenge. It's been so fun being able to connect with all of you more. I will do my best to keep the good things going into April!

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  • This is wonderful soap!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the texture and lovely variety of scents. I will definitely make ordering from Delta Tule soaps a priority!

    Sarah Sharples

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