Day 4: On Your Desk | March Meet The Maker 2021

Day 4: On Your Desk | March Meet The Maker 2021

Since I don't work at a desk for soap making, here is a little peek at what's on my curing rack & my favorite stainless steel table. (Is it weird to have a favorite table? lol) The second photo is probably the cleanest you'll ever see my workspace—how it looks before I make an enormous soap-making mess.

What's always on (or nearby) my soap-making desk?

🧼 A nifty phone stand for videos
🧼 Random clamp lights
🧼 Acrylic planer & beveler
🧼 Single wire cutter
🧼 Shelving jam-packed with buckets, spatulas, silicone molds, and a bazillion other soap-making supplies.
On the lower shelf are my stick blender, a bin for soap shavings, a stack of molds, and a loaf splitter.

There is no way I would be sharing the mayhem, erm—creative filing, on my computer desk, where I spend the rest of my time, it seems.

It looks like it's time to make some new soap, though! 🧼

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