Day 5: Newest Make | March Meet The Maker 2021

Day 5: Newest Make | March Meet The Maker 2021

Here's the latest soap I made—a batch of sea salt bars split into two designs. Half are charcoal eucalyptus mint and the other a bergamot blend with purple Brazilian clay. I used Mediterranean sea salt in the mold to see what kind of salt crystal effect it would get, and it turned out a little geode-looking. You'll see in the video how I took too long to get to my second container of the waiting soap, and it thickened up quite a bit! I got to it just in time.

These have been curing for about two weeks now, and as I suspected, the charcoal bars have gotten a lot more soda ash and look more white & salty looking. I may have put a bit too much charcoal too, but I can't wait to try them when it is time to test them out! In use, salt bars start a little scrubby and smooth out to feel more like a smooth stone, with a small-bubble, creamy lather.

I've had a few questions about what kind of mold I used for these, and it's been a while since I've had time to make anything new. So I'm happy to share this video for you to see the mold and my "newest" soap!

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