Day 9: Learning Curve | March Meet The Maker 2021

Day 9: Learning Curve | March Meet The Maker 2021

Not my most challenging learning curve, but most recent—properly using this loaf splitter! In the video, I am finally using the little feet on the bottom of the cutter at the edge of my table for leverage to push the soap slab. I knew something was off but didn't realize I was doing it wrong until someone on YouTube graciously pointed me in the right direction, likely after painfully watching me struggle in previous videos!

While small, I think this is an example of each of the little learning curves I've faced on this soap-making journey. Put all those things together, and it adds up to a lot! Here are a few more notes I've posted before that still ring true today:

The hardest part for me is still the actual business side, ahem marketing. (And my day job is IN marketing!)

Margins, math, and spreadsheets, oh my! Learning my actual costs remains eye-opening and terrifying. What about packaging & shipping costs? Oh yeah, those too! Soap formulas aside, I never knew I'd do so much math. 🧮

At the start, I imagined designs, techniques, and formulas would be some of the most significant learning curves. Wrong!

My curve seems more like a roller coaster at times but, I continue learning how to improve, plan, and fumble around in business to get better day by day! 🧼🎢

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