Day 9: Rough/Mock Up | March Meet The Maker

Day 9 | Rough/Mock Up |

My design process oscillates between well thought out and making whatever idea happened to pop into my head. I usually have a couple of ideas I'm working on at one time. I have several notebooks strewn around my house that vary from soap journal to event notes and essential oil blends. I carry most of them around for reference and to jot down random thoughts for my latest soap plan. I also have a variety of sticky notes stuck all over the place. 

As time goes on, I'm finding that many of my soap designs benefit from extra planning. I'm working on practicing my patience before jumping to the making stage. Once I do finish making something, I transfer as many notes as I can to digital files or spreadsheets so that they are easy to find if/when it comes time to restock or scale-up.

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