Kiss Pour Technique | February 2021 Soap Challenge Club

Kiss Pour Technique | February 2021 Soap Challenge Club

Our February 2021 Soap Challenge Club brought us the Kiss Pour technique with guest teacher Joanne Watkins of Nature’s Potion Handmade Soaps.

The goal was to achieve a feathered look in the soap by first pouring the colored soap into two different pouring containers and then slowly pouring both of those pitchers of soap into a slab mold at the same time (one in each hand), creating a waterfall between them where the two streams “kiss.”

I made three attempts at this fun technique. The video is of my third and entry soap for the competitive portion of the challenge. Below are the first and second soaps I made.

I colored the first batch of soap with purple Brazilian clay, alkanet-infused olive oil, and spinach powder mixed with a dash of yellow Brazilian clay. The alkanet-colored soap was a beautiful navy color while pouring and later morphed into a lovely speckled deep shade of purple.

Also, I took my phone down to take a photo of the striped soap in the pitcher and did not realize I stuck my fat thumb on the camera so, everything I shot after that point in the video of the pour is blurry. :/

I tried to similarly color the second batch with a light and dark theme with one pitcher of white, yellow, and purple Brazilian clay-colored soap and the other with alkanet and spinach-colored soap. 

The third soap I colored with a lighter alkanet oil, spinach blend, and activated charcoal for a little more contrast. I scented it with a bright essential oil blend of bergamot, tangerine, lavender, with a splash of patchouli. While I think my second attempt captured the technique in the best way, I love the unique look of the charcoal wisps in my third soap. That made me decide to enter that one instead. I had a difficult time choosing between the two!

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