Day 1: Story | March Meet The Maker

Day 1: Story | March Meet The Maker

Happy March 1st! Time to try the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge. Yay!

Day 1 | Story |

My first soap ever. It was unscented and un-fancy, but so much led up to this photo. 

Once upon a time before soap, I was a catalog art director/graphic designer. Etsy was a fun goal in my someday bucket. One day amid several life transitions like having a child, leaving my job of 13 years, moving 400 miles across the state, etc., my former boss/friend sent me a blog post. It was about a woman who retired and supplemented her income through an Etsy shop, first making jewelry and then soap. I was intrigued, and her story stuck with me. While I hustled for freelance graphic design jobs, my husband and I would joke how one day my imaginary soap business would be my fallback. There's always money in the banana stand!

Work slowed, and I started thinking about Etsy again. Hey, should I make downloadable graphic designs? No! How did that soap from scratch stuff work anyway? With over a decade of experience in design, how about something I completely don't know. Yes!

I found the HCSG and Soap Queen tv and became obsessed with learning about cold process soap, oil properties, and making all-natural recipes from scratch. Instagram revealed an incredible community of talented and supportive soap makers! Imagine my surprise when I found out the #girlboss behind one of my most favorite IG accounts just happened to be the same soap lady I read about in 2017. WHAT?! The universe was saying do this!.

I spent months researching my "perfect" soap formula and building up the courage to try making it, and here it is from February 2018.

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