Day 3: Time | March Meet The Maker

Day 3: Time | March Meet The Maker

Day 3 | Time | 

Turn back time to March 2018! Here you'll see my first batch of unscented coconut milk soap Nude Beach, which may be the oldest soap I still make for the product lineup. It certainly is standing the test of time thus far. I've tweaked the recipe some, but it is very much the same lovely simple bar for sensitive types.

It is one of my favorites because it takes less time to make and clean up. But like all my cold process soap, cure time is still at least 4-6 weeks. I believe this bar does improve over time too. Plus, it's my mom's favorite soap, and it's packed with all kinds of goodness for your skin!

Finding time to manage my soapy life can be tough as its a part-time biz (for now). I still do graphic design part-time and am an all-the-time mom. Most weekdays, I schedule blocks of time for design and soap projects, and then evenings are for family time. There's never enough time!

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