Day 20 Marketing | March Meet The Maker

Day 20 Marketing | March Meet The Maker

Day 20 | Marketing |

For me, this includes posting when there's a new soap in the shop! Here's the citrus pine soap with the mantra swirl from a few posts back. It's ready now, but I haven't made time to add to the shop just yet.

I focus on keeping the online shop updated, stocked, and telling my story a bit through social media. I've done a couple of small events here & there and hope to do a few more someday! 

I want to add a sense of kindness and thought to each interaction with my customers. I write a thank you note and send a discount code and a free sample with every order. 

Ironically I feel like marketing is something I'm extra bad at, even though I've spent just shy of 17 years of my life working directly in or with marketing departments. But you guys, I didn't build those brands! 

Maybe it's a "plumber with leaky pipes at home" kind of thing, I'm overly self-critical, my expectations are too high, or all of the above! Either way, this area of my biz is always under construction. If any of you have any marketing tips or tricks, I'd be happy to hear them!

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