Day 7: You | March Meet The Maker

Day 7: You | March Meet The Maker


Day 7 | You |

Hey there, it's me! (Leah) The face you'll hardly ever see as I hide behind the soap. I got some half-decent sleep the night before this, so I snapped a photo hoping it might last longer. And then I made weird faces, that's me!

I've wanted to do a meet the maker intro for a long time, but I'm a bit of an anxious introvert and hate being behind the camera. Or in the spotlight or at the center of attention in general... I don't know what to do with my hands! 

Here are a few random non-soapy facts about me:

I was born in SoCal and lived there until 2016.

Iam {CDs & pagers in high school} years old.

I went to college (yay!) and earned a BA from Cal State Long Beach, where I learned how to practice being a graphic designer.

My husband and I met at a vegetarian cafe in Santa Ana called the Gypsy Den. We are vegetarians or gypsies. We have one daughter, one labrador, and one rescued princess-diva cat.

As a wife & mom, I'm also a short-order cook, home accountant, executive Costco member, and pantry-Tetris champion (probably dishwasher too). Just added: Swim-meet parent-volunteer.

Whew, enough about me. I'd love to know something about you. Please, feel free to drop me a comment below, I love getting to know people!

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