Salt Crystal Soap | January 2021 Soap Challenge Club

Salt Crystal Soap | January 2021 Soap Challenge Club

In the January 2021 Soap Challenge Club, we learned techniques to make geode and salt crystal soaps. I made two attempts for the salt crystal category. Earlier this month, there was a minute where I thought I would take a break from soap challenges. Life had been extra hectic, and fewer things to think about sounded good. But when I found myself shopping for salt for the soap before I had even signed up, I knew I wouldn't be able to pass up participating!

The video is of my first attempt and entry soap for the competitive portion of the challenge. Read more about the rest of the process below.

I used a combination of Himalayan pink salt with Alaea red Hawaiian sea salt for my salt crystals. Copying the tutorial, I poured mounds of salt in alternating corners for where I planned to cut the soap. The essential oils almost got left out, but luckily, I remembered in time to pour them in! The blend is rosemary, cedarwood, and a tiny splash of patchouli. I always mix in white kaolin clay to brighten the soap a bit and help the scent "stick." 

In hindsight, I wish I had taken a video of cutting the soap. But trying to get a clean cut with all the salt grains flying everywhere took some focus, and then I planed the sides to straighten them out.

I made one additional attempt for the challenge that I love the look of almost as much as the first. These soaps are salt bars made with about 50% of their weight in fine-grain sea salt.

I scented the whole batch with a blend of eucalyptus, fir needle, and peppermint essential oils. About half of them have Rose kaolin clay for another color option.

I've wanted to make a rose clay salt bar for a while and thought this would be a good time. I didn't know how much I would love this technique and enjoyed how simple it was to create gorgeous soap!

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