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Delta Tule & Kailani's Creations, Handmade Mermaid Accessories Made with Aloha

Just A Little Fish
Jana decided to start selling accessories when her sister, Leah, owner, and creator of Delta Tule (too-lee), wanted to join forces to expand her soap-making business. 

The sisters spent most of their childhood summers on the California Delta—it's still one of their favorite places to be and the inspiration behind the Delta Tule brand name. Their crafting continuously draws inspiration from more Northern California destinations like Yosemite and the Pacific coast—from the mountains to the rivers, with possibilities as endless as the sea!

Jana creates handcrafted, custom-scaled bra tops, jewelry, keychains, seashell crowns, and more! She hopes to increase inventory as she learns and grows in this fun adventure. Email her or click here for more information on custom-scaled bra tops.

Kailanis Creations also offers a variety of handcrafted accessories—adorn yourself with the glamour of the sea. You will find an array of jewelry made from authentic seashells, pearls, sea glass, and more! With possibilities as endless as the sea, we make each delicately designed piece with merfolk in mind. 

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